Trading algorithms … the future?

A trading algorithm is software that runs in a loop on a trading platform. Its function is to detect market configurations defined by the designer, in order to trigger trading orders whose past performance has demonstrated a strong potential for long-term gain. This allows personalized wealth management with an algorithm based in Switzerland. The algorithm manages the entry into position, and the parameters that define the various possible scenarios to optimize the exit, in order to optimize the gain over the long term. The advantage of using an algorithm is that it can run 24/5 without any human intervention with better reliability, and on more assets than a human could do. Trading platform What advantages? Constant algorithm optimization usingmath toolsStrategies tested over the broadest history ofcurrency marketQuick executions with a state-of-the-art ordering platformCutting-edge technical analyzes and more advancesPossibility to configure all aspects related to risk, in order to produce personalized management for all types of needs All positions are closed daily onaccount…

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3 Biotechs followed by Capitelia

The biotechnology stocks sector means all the companies that bring together scientists on applications technological in pharmacy, chemistry and other… This is one of the most speculative areas on the stock market, because most of the time the value of the stock is the potential for successful treatment rather than a turnover already performed. Capitelia follows in particular this sector in a measure specific to the wishes of the clientele (according to the risk profile accepted). In this article, we will introduce you to 3 companies that hold our attention. Onxeo: “Onxeo is a clinical biotechnology company that designs and develops new cancer drugs targeting the DNA repair functions of tumors. Our approach is based on unparalleled mechanisms of action that disrupt the response to damage to tumor DNA. We focus on the development - from translational research to proof of concept in humans - of "first-in-class" or disruptive compounds to treat cancers for which the unmet medical needs remain considerable. "…

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Update on the situation on May 18 / Coronavirus

  After the stress of March 2020 and around 50-60 days of containment, the financial markets have stabilized thanks to the historic injections of liquidity by the central banks of most countries, while waiting to see more clearly. Today the performance of the main indices between January 1, 2020 and May 18: Cac 40 : -26.8% Sp500: -11.4% DAx : -18.7% Nasdaq : +0.5% SP500 VIX : + 123 % Compare with the last articles of March 06, 2020:  CNN’s Fear and Greed Index measures fear and risk appetite. This answers a question: "What is the predominant emotion of the stock market right now?" This is a sentiment indicator if the stocks are undervalued or overvalued. The logic behind this is that too much risk appetite can push stocks beyond their “fair price” and that too much fear pushes stocks below their intrinsic price. Because investors are acting rationally in the very short term.     The level of confidence has…

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After negative interest rates … Oil at a negative price!

After having negative interest rates in several countries, the fact that cash on deposit pays off and the loan is paid off. Here we are with the barrel of oil at negative price . This is due to the actions of central banks after the 2008 crisis and the stimulus plans (rate cuts, injections, etc. to promote credit and consumption rather than savings. Historical and economic fact very risky for the financial stability of a country . Taux intérêt négatifs , Que se passe-t-il ? April 20, 2020, For the first time in the history of petroleum was quoted in negative price, that is to say that the producer pays the customer for a barrel of petroleum The future contract concerned is the “crude oil - Wti May 2020”. A West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil contract produced in the United States and a world benchmark in terms of black gold prices. Listed on NYMEX (New York Stock Exchange for Energy and…

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Capitelia and the global crisis

In this article Capitelia will present to you her choices made in 2019 and 2020. None buying or selling advice. This will be a presentation of the strategies and why they were chosen Summary of performances and index 2019/2020: 2019: CAC 40 + 26%, this year 2019 Capitelia had average returns around 10% which is much lower than the world indices but the strategy was to protect the portfolios very early in the year around July / August. The the increase at the end of 2019 therefore impacted the performance of assets under management. 2020: Cac 40 - 36%: Since the beginning of the year, the portfolios in management of Capitelia are positive and have an average yield of around + 8%. Which allows on average to be, between start 2019 and mid-March 2020, around + 40% on the indices. Articles and facts from 2019 that explain the 2019 strategy, articles from Optimum Market Analysis Luxembourg that allow you to have a…

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