3 Biotechs followed by Capitelia

The biotechnology stocks sector means all the companies that bring together scientists on applications technological in pharmacy, chemistry and other… This is one of the most speculative areas on the stock market, because most of the time the value of the stock is the potential for successful treatment rather than a turnover already performed. Capitelia follows in particular this sector in a measure specific to the wishes of the clientele (according to the risk profile accepted). In this article, we will introduce you to 3 companies that hold our attention. Onxeo: “Onxeo is a clinical biotechnology company that designs and develops new cancer drugs targeting the DNA repair functions of tumors. Our approach is based on unparalleled mechanisms of action that disrupt the response to damage to tumor DNA. We focus on the development - from translational research to proof of concept in humans - of "first-in-class" or disruptive compounds to treat cancers for which the unmet medical needs remain considerable. "…

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