The GSCGI exists since 10/11/93 with headquarters in Geneva. The new group constitutes the platform for the development and promotion of the profession of asset manager (independent asset management consultant – CIG – IFA). The purpose of the GSCGI is to promote professional contacts and to make the authorities aware of and recognize the profession of independent management consultancy, by professional third parties and the public.


The GSCGI is an association under private law. Anyone exercising the profession of independent wealth management consultancy (in the form of a legal person, or in name) can become a member and request their affiliation by making a commitment to respect the ethical rules of the profession and the GSCGI charter.


The strategic options, monitoring and proper functioning of the organs of the GSCGI are the responsibility of the Bureau of the Committee. This promulgates the regulations, defines the main options and constitutes the organs of the GSCGI. It defines budgets and sources of funding. The committee is the body that manages the GSCGI in accordance with the statutes. It meets periodically (4 x per year), prepares the organization of assemblies, coordinates and appoints the committees, sets objectives and tasks for them. It coordinates the work of the commissions, decides on the actions to be undertaken according to the conclusions received by them, and issues the necessary directives resulting therefrom.


It sets the conditions necessary for the admission of a new member. Control and supervise membership files. It decides independently on the acceptance or rejection of an application depending on the elements of the file submitted.


It continues the tasks of monitoring and applying the CHARTER by the members of the GSCGI. It can rule independently on the cases of non-compliance submitted to it and can exclude new candidates submitted or existing members, depending on the conclusions it draws from the study of the file submitted to it.


Ensures all the connections between the organs. Functions as coordinator of work between committee and commissions. He keeps all the minutes and documents that are sent to him or that he writes during committee meetings. He deals with the persons concerned with any mail he receives. The secretary has a replacement in case of absence, who assumes the above tasks and transmits any work done to the secretariat for his files.


The commission maintains contact with bank depositaries. It constitutes a database on all the services and conditions that banks grant to CIGs. She strives to negotiate certain collective benefits for GSCGI members. During conflicts between members and depositary banks, it endeavors through its contacts to resolve such disputes under optimal conditions; in complex cases it submits its conclusions and recommendations to the committee, to which it sends periodic reports.


It coordinates contacts with similar organizations in European and other countries. It develops relationships with these organizations. It promotes contacts between Swiss and foreign managers.


It continues its task of designing and formulating the rules and customs of the CIG profession. It follows the evolution of national and international laws and regulations of the profession. It analyzes the files of non-compliance with the rules of the charter by the members of the GSCGI and transmits its recommendations to the committee. Its conclusions can lead to the exclusion of a member not respecting the « GSCGI CHARTER ».
It cooperates with any supervisory authority in order to adopt any new legal or regulatory standards applicable to GSCGI members.


The general task of the commission is to make the profession of CIG known, disseminated and familiarized at the widest level and by the means at its disposal. In particular, it endeavors to bring together and improve as far as possible the links between CIG. To do this, it chooses the media and the means of publication that it considers most appropriate. In addition, it monitors the advertising carried out by the members of the GSCGI which must comply with the usage and the qualitative principles compatible with the CHARTER of the GSCGI.


The commission coordinates inter-regional activities and ensures the coordination of events and other activities likely to interest all IGCs at the Swiss level.


This commission sets up practical concepts of collective interest which can be promoted and disseminated to all members of the GSCGI. The practical achievements of this commission serve as basic arguments for the PR / Advertising commission.