Capitelia Invest was created in 2004 by Patrice Fabre, an autodidact in finance who after a professional course with American and French banks in wealth management and the creation of investment funds. Patrice Fabre has managed to retain clients for whom he manages independently in Capitelia. And in particular the management of portfolios.

Taking its name from the capitelles, small stone houses sheltering the shepherds in the middle of the Languedoc vineyards. This reference is also a beautiful representation of the philosophy of the company. Indeed these buildings are built only of local stones and with a logic and a perfect balance between the elements which compose it.

Like Capitelia’s philosophy, they provide shelter whatever the conditions, without unnecessary artifice.

Jet d’eau, Geneva


Licensed in Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Andorra and Miami (USA), London (UK) Capitelia also works in partnership with insurance brokers and wealth management advisers from Switzerland, France, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Capitelia is regulated in Switzerland. So we are under the control of the OARG (self-regulatory body for Swiss financial actors, based in Geneva).

Capitelia is your partner in the search for wealth, inheritance and tax solutions through, among other things, life insurance. As well as management accounts and other investment vehicles, in Switzerland but also in Luxembourg and others.

Due to its close collaboration with insurance brokers, Capitelia is approved in management with insurance companies. In fact, we have Swiss, Luxembourg and Belgian insurance partners.

Capitelia wants to be very close to its customers and partners by simultaneously producing several management reports per year. And of course, meet with these whenever necessary.

We provide you with a set of dedicated services and provide ongoing economic, legal, fiscal and financial monitoring and portfolio management analysis.